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Month: December 2018

Intro to Card Altering

This is a beginner’s guide to altering cards. I will go over supplies, processes, and tricks that I have learned about over the years.

Alter Feedback: I usually Draw

The feedback for these is short and sweet: Color Matching, Thin Paint, and Add Details.

Necklace Restock

New necklaces in stock!

Alter Feedback: Advice for New Alterist

Today we’ll be going over a few main spots:
Color Matching
Working in layers
Clean Edges
Extending Details

Alter Feedback: Working on Extensions

These guys are done by Reddit user u/Knallkasten. They posted earlier with an Island alter that turned out pretty well! These however, they wanted suggestions of what to when you extend the artwork down. That is a fantastic question, because some Read more…

Back from SCG Baltimore

We’re Back! Thank you all so much for such an awesome event! I’ll be updating the Queue and stock quanities in the Storefront tomorrow morning. New Art This piece was released early for Patreon supporters. This will be the first picture Read more…