Alter Feedback: Working on Extensions

These guys are done by Reddit user u/Knallkasten. They posted earlier with an Island alter that turned out pretty well! These however, they wanted suggestions of what to when you extend the artwork down. That is a fantastic question, because some cards just have artwork that doesn’t easily extend down.

What we’ll be going over today is pretty short.

  • Color Matching
  • Extending Art

Color Matching

Color matching is one of the biggest obstacles in card altering. Learning how your paints work together to get the correct colors just takes practice.

Writing these articles I have found my new favorite way to figure out colors if I’m having trouble. Find a picture of the card online and open it in a picture editing software. There is the eye-dropper tool that lets you pick colors off of the art.

Both of these cards have very similar color palettes. The greys are more on the yellow side than on the blue/black side. Starting with a black and lightening it with a combination of Titan Buff and Yellow Ochre. I go back and fourth with adding the lighter colors and the black to get the full range.

Extending the Art

One of the main points of altering cards is to extend the artwork. What happens if you don’t know what to paint?! When I get a commission on a card that I haven’t worked on before I like to do a Google search. Looking at what other people have done can give you an idea of what you would like to do. Then you can take the examples you find, mash them up, sprinkle in some of your own style, and voila you have a extension!

Revelen’s Light alters have improved vastly over the past year or so. They turn out a high quantity of work, so odds are they have done the card you are working on. The general consensus for Muldrotha is that the water extends in some form down below the text box. I like the water not taking the entire area and that it shows some land. This will break up the colors and not make it a fade-to-color extension. Those tend to be boring.

This guy was harder to find an example of in my Google search. I did find this one done by Evil Nerd INC though. They did a simple fade to black alter. You can also see that they also had some troubles matching the colors by going too purple instead of yellow.

I did a digital extension because I couldn’t find any other examples. I learned that blending colors digitally is harder than I thought it would be…

What I did was look at the artwork. To me, it looks like he is standing in water. I decided to extend the water down, which is what it looks like u/Knallkasten did as well. I took the next step in adding some grassy patches, lines in the water, and a rat skull. Don’t worry if your water ripples look iffy when you are starting, they are hard to do. I added the rat skull to bring the flavor of the card to life. This card has Rat offering, so odds are if you met him in real life then there would be rat skeletons scattered around.

Over all these alters are pretty good for a newer alterist. From what I can see in the pictures the paint is thin. The three main obsticales in card altering is thin paint, color matching, and matching art style. u/Knallkasten has 1.5 down, with thin paint and passable style matching. Working on color matching and then having more exciting content in the extensions will get them to 3/3.

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