Alter Sleeves Kickstarter

Alright guy the Alter Sleeves Kickstarter has gone live! I was lucky enough to get some of the prototype printings.

Sleeve on the left. Painted alter on the right.

So at first glace you may say that the sleeve alter looks wrinkled. Well… yes it is. Nora decided to help me quality test these and apparently they do not do well with baby drooled on fingers. So if you decided to back this product, keep them away from wet things. I can promise you the sleeve wasn’t wrinkly when I received them.

The other noticeable difference is that the sleeve is a different color than the original. With the prototype printing it has been noticed that it is a bit darker than what was submitted. They are currently working to adjusting the printer settings so that isn’t an issue. I think that the color is so different on mine because I didn’t submit this file in CKMY color profile, but RGB instead. I wanted to get something submitted quickly so that I could get a test print to feel the sleeves. You can also see that the printed is able to pick up VERY small details. The white spots in the name plate are pixels that I missed when editing out the area to show the name plate.

Is the ink going to last?

Well assuming you don’t get the sleeves wet, yes! I scratch the areas where the sleeve and the ink meet and it holds up great. The transition between ink and sleeve is really only noticeable by texture. There isn’t any more of a difference if these were painted or sleeve alters.

Yes, I know the border looks odd on a Creeping Tar Pit. I don’t have any Bitterblossoms to put it on okay?


  • Great for new art alters
    • It allows for clients to commission original art and easily change it between cards.
    • This allows people to be committed to artwork instead of being committed to a card.
  • Great for trying out alter ideas
    • If someone is thinking about commissioning a painted alter but aren’t 100% sure that they want it they can spend $8 on a sleeve instead a full commission price and the cost of the card.
    • This will allow alterist to easily show before an afters physically in front of clients instead of using online portfolios.
  • Ummm Sponsor Logos???
    • I plan on setting my team up with Hurley Burley logo’d inner sleeves.
    • With the rise of sponsored teams in MTG allowing teams to show off their sponsors not only on their shirts is a cool idea.
  • Don’t get it wet
    • Really. It’s the biggest downside to this product that I see quality wise so far.

You can back this project on Kickstarter.

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