Altered Sleeves

Earlier this week I was contacted by Alter Sleeves to see if I wanted to participate in their upcoming print run trail. Alter Sleeves is ran by the alters.reality owners. This is a brand new idea that I’m super excited to be apart of getting off the ground.

What is is?

“Alter Sleeves” is producing just that, altered playing card sleeves. The idea is that each sleeve will be uniquely printing to have the painted part of a card alter. This way you as a player/collector will be able to pimp out your deck without investing a ton of money to do a whole deck. They are also, we are told, the same as inner sleeves. So you won’t have to worry about a change in thickness to your cards if you are already playing with inner sleeves.

Why support this?

This looks like a promising commodity for both alterists and players. As an artist, you’ll be able to have an outlet for your work that is specifically aimed towards Magic players. “Don’t I already do that with altering?” I mean…. yeah… you do. Why limit yourself to one outlet though? This will allow you to make pieces, put them up on the interwebs, and not have to worry about anything else. You just have to wait for the dollar dollar bills to come in. It’s also an awesome opportunity for those who strictly do digital work. You’ll be able to put you pieces out on the market for people to play with WITHOUT them being proxies of the cards.

If you plan is to Google other’s artwork and steal it to sell it as your own… Please hit the little ‘x’ on the tab. I don’t have enough time to tell you why that’s not okay if you think it is.

As a player this is going to be a super neat way to be able to customize your entire deck for cheap! Want to have a unicorn themed deck, but don’t have the money to spend $35+ per alter? That’s fine Alter Sleeves has got you. Play in a lot of Vintage Proxy events? Have some sleeves that will rep your Power 9, without writing on cards! (Psst, this means there’s more art for you to choose from for your proxies.)

What other info do you have?

Not much for now. We are talking in the Discord group about ideas and such. You can join that if you would like. I’ll post a link below. There isn’t a release date for these guys yet, it’s still in the prototype stage from what I understand. However, they are looking for more artists to join up! If you are interested you can join the Discord group or contact them on social media to ask for more information. I will be doing a video sharing the test run of sleeves that I’ll be getting.

If you’re an artist that would like more information you can go here!




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  1. Nice article! I fully agree about “stealing other people work” part. I look forward joining this discord channel.

    Altered sleeves inspired me to make alter art. I been making altered cards art for while, been posting my work at Magic alter website. I’m really interested to try do these altered sleves on my own. I hope I can find any tutorials here how to do them.

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