Car Troubles

So long story short, I bought a truck off of Facebook and it’s never going to be street legal. I need to make about $1,000-$1,500 to be able to get at least a car to drive in everyday situations and so that James isn’t stranded at home on the weekends that I’ll travel to events without him.

When I went to go look for at the truck the listing said that it didn’t have any mechanical problems and was at a high mileage. I went to test drive it. I ran and still runs smoothly, no engine sputtering at all. It wasn’t quick to stop, but having grown up around farm trucks this didn’t raise the eyebrows that it should have. I don’t think that I’ve driven a truck that was newer than a ’96. If you’re interested in scary truck tails I’ve got one about the F-150 that I used to drive.

So engine ran great, breaks were fine to me, inside was nice and clean. Handed the cash over and went on my way.

When I took it through inspection the breaks failed. Like failed, failed. The rear breaks didn’t register at all. So we had a mechanic friend come out and look at it. He said the break line was broken and looked a bit more and said that the frame was rusted. He said if I paid more than $300 I got ripped off. Well I paid 1K, so sure as fuck I did get ripped off.

I called my Mom in hysterical tears. She talked me though what happened and sent her mechanical friend out to look at it. He confirmed the bad break-line and that the frame was bent.

The frame is bent in the rear of the truck. So even if they straighten it, it’s still weaker than what it should be. If I were to be rear ended, it would basically crumple in half at the weak spot. Which isn’t even okay to chance with Nora.

My Plan

I’m going to have my Mom’s mechanical friend take the truck and try to get the most he can out of it parts and scrap wise. This process isn’t quick and takes effort. Scrap, I’ll only be getting about $125 if I’m lucky back. He may be able to get something for the engine, but I have no idea. As we have learned I am not a car person.

I’m going to take whatever I can recover from the truck and put it toward either…

  • Fixing the Suburban that’s been sitting in Mom’s yard
    • It been there for years
    • I have no idea what actually needs done to it
    • Might not be saveable
  • Getting a cheap-ish car or mini van
    • Rather have a van so we have more space
    • I’ll be sending one of the mechanic friends to look at the potential cars so this doesn’t happen again.

There are usable vehicles in my area for around $1500. If I wanted to get something that would last a while $4K plus is what I’d be looking at. I will be content with whatever I end up with so long as it is safe for Nora to ride in.

How you can Help

I do not expect people to go out of their way to help me for nothing. I’m going to be making a set of stickers that is just for the car fund. I don’t know what they’ll be yet, I’ll be brainstorming this weekend. Odds are they will be Holiday themed.

  • Patrons are going to get extra rewards for their December Pledges.
  • I’ll be taking a few commissions to be ready to pick up Saturday morning of the 2020 SCG stops.
    • SCG Knoxville – 01/11/20
    • SCG Philadelphia – 02/08/20
    • SCG Indianapolis – 02/22/20
    • SCG Baltimore- 03/14/20
      • Email me at:
      • These slots are going to be for $100 minimum orders
  • I also have a Ko-Fi
    • If you want leave your address and I’ll send you a Holiday card
    • You really don’t have to, but thank you so so fucking much if you can.

You all are wonderful.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Lesson learned is take someone who actually knows about cars, if you are buying off of Facebook.

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