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Tuesday Tips

Working on alters shouldn’t be about getting everything right on the first time. When it comes to doing art, part of the fun, to me, is the learning process. When you find out why things aren’t working the way you Read more…

What Kind of alter do I want?

There are so many different types of card alters that you can choose from. Plus there are a ton of different names that they are called. Here is a short list of common terms used in the Mtg altering world. Read more…

Intro to Card Altering

This is a beginner’s guide to altering cards. I will go over supplies, processes, and tricks that I have learned about over the years.

Alter Feedback: I usually Draw

The feedback for these is short and sweet: Color Matching, Thin Paint, and Add Details.

Alter Feedback: Advice for New Alterist

Today we’ll be going over a few main spots:
Color Matching
Working in layers
Clean Edges
Extending Details

Alter Feedback: Working on Extensions

These guys are done by Reddit userĀ u/Knallkasten. They posted earlier with an Island alter that turned out pretty well! These however, they wanted suggestions of what to when you extend the artwork down. That is a fantastic question, because some Read more…

Alter Feedback – Plains

Today we’re taking a look at a Plains done by Reddit user /u/flipster101. This is their first attempt at altering cards and painting in general. I think we all had some art classes we were forced to take in grade Read more…

Alter Feedback – Elfhame Druid

This is reddit user /u/TheDeadalus’s first Magic: the Gathering alter! They did a fantastic job at keeping the paint thin. They main thing they need to work on is color matching and adding detail. The alterist specifically asked about working Read more…

Alter Feedback – Just starting

Reddit user /u/ProperMarionberry just started working on card alters. These are a pretty good start, and make me want to take the time to get some Guilds of Ravnica cards done. Here’s what were going to touch on today. Grey Read more…

Alter Feedback – First Tries

Reddit user /u/Jux360 decided to try their hand at altering cards. They posted their work asking for feedback. I’m not going to lie, I think the Lilly is totes adorbes! For a first try, these aren’t bad. We are going Read more…