Getting ready for SCG Baltimore!

Tomorrow is the last day to RSVP

I have RSVP listings for the events that I’m going to be at. This ensures that the people who know they want to get an alter done have then finished on site. I do accept commissions all weekend, but I can only guarantee 4 cards to be finished on site.

If you want to have your alter finished for the Holidays, this is the last opportunity to do so. The queue is at 3-ish weeks which is right on the cut off of USPS’s recommended ship date for Christmas.

RSVP your slot

Two New Products Debuting!

We’ll have the Magic: the Gathering Necklaces. These are super cool and an easy stocking stuffer for the Holidays! If you want to order one and pick it up on site you can do that. There is even an option to Pay at Pickup!

Shop Necklaces

There will also be a new canvas painting for sale. If you support me on Patreon you already know what it is! The painting will be the first art for my token series that I’m working on. It will be for sale at the event and will go live online on Monday.

If you haven’t been over to my Patreon go check it out! It isn’t a monthly subscription, my Patrons pay when I finish content and you can set a $$ limit that you would like to spend a month.

Last Event for the Year

This Tour stop is the last one that we will be going to this year. This has been an awesome year! So much has happened, and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling for 2019.

Hope to See You There!

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