Patreon update!

Alright guys, I’ve updated my rewards. The biggest change is that it is now a monthly subscription instead of pay per creation. 

Why did I make this change? Since I am always working on commissions, I don’t have much time to work on personal projects. Since I’m not working on personal projects, you aren’t really getting anything out of supporting me on Patreon.

How will you have time now? I will be taking the first few days of each month, after pledges have gone though, to work on the reward cards. I now have time set aside to work on projects just for you guys. It will also force me to take a break from commissions and work on art that is more personal. 

The other new addition to the rewards is my Discord Server. It will be a public channel so you will be able to interact with non Patreon people. BUT there will be private Patreon only channels for you to be able to talk among yourselves. You’ll be able to show off your alters, ask about commissions, look at WiPs.

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