Pause on Commissions

So a lot of life stuff has been happening lately. I haven’t been in the same groove as I was last year with doing commission work. I am going to take a break on accepting new commissions until my queue is down to a 2 week wait time.I think the biggest set back for me is that I’m not getting the time that I want and need to do study or personal work. The commission work has been steady, which is FANTASTIC! I’m super super grateful for that, please don’t look at is as complaining. However, when I do take a day to do studies or try to make stock pieces I always end up feeling guilty because there are still people waiting for their alters.I will be opening up commissions again in the future, but I will be revisiting how many I will take a month. I think there will be a limit, maybe around 15 cards, per month for commissions. This will give me the time to work on other things that I have been neglecting.

I am Moving

We found a house earlier this week that doesn’t mind renting to a family that isn’t blood related and we jumped on the opportunity. Our move in date is Nov 1, but since this was spur of the moment we are going to be spending all of our time working to move.The nice thing is that the landlord let us have our keys today, so we can start moving things in now. Being able to set up the house WHILE we pack is a big plus. So our plan is to start moving batches at a time.This does mean that I won’t reliably working on any art until after the move. I’m not super happy about this, because I want to work, but mentally I don’t think it would be correct to work on other people’s cards. I am already overthinking about the move and we haven’t even started yet. I don’t want to run the risk of not getting colors correct to missing a small detail that I would have otherwise caught.
You all are fantastic! Thank you so so much for you patience with me. This year has had it’s ups and downs, but it honestly has been the best year of my adult life!

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