Plan for the Week

Alright guys, real talk. My queue blew up since SCG Columbus. I was able to come up with a plan to push though them though! I have a good friend of mine coming over during the day to help with Nora. This way I’ll be able to focus on getting commissions finished instead of having to spend the majority of the day watching her.

To-do commissions…. Hurly-Burly for scale.

This is how thick my queue currently is… and there are still some cards on their way in. I’m super stoked to work on these commissions. There is one big project in here, that will be an exclusive Patreon follow along. Everything else will be posted as it finishes.

If anyone was wondering, the queue is dated with an estimate of being able to finish 5 individual cards per week. Which is about 1 card per day. I’m hoping to finish 2-3 cards per day with the help that I’m going to be receiving this week. 🤞🏻

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