Pre Ordering Playmats

Basic Mats

We’re going to be placing an order for printed playmats with Caleb’s logo on them. We want to make sure that most everyone who would like a mat will be able to get one with the first order. So we’re going to use a Google Form for this (and future) orders.

The form will ask for your name, an email address that an invoice can be sent to, and some other questions that pertain to the specific mat that we’re ordering for at the time. Once we hit the minimum number of pre-orders (30) needed we’ll send out the invoice to those who signed up!

You can find the Google Form here.

Custom Mats

We are working on getting a contact to order completely blank (no Ultimate Guard or similar logo) mats. If you have suggestions of where to look please email Lindsay at

Until then, you can order one that has a chance to have a companies logo in the bottom corner. We’ll do what we can to avoid that, but they keep getting harder to find. If you are interested in these they will start at $35 and will have additional add on options; like numeric sides, Twitter/gamer handle, and deck/graveyard placeholders.

If you want to order a custom mat now, please email Lindsay at

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