Revamped Pricing

So, new pricing.

Raising pricing, especially in the art world can be intimidating. Art nowadays is treated as a hobby and not a ‘real job’. The hours of trial and error, constant practice, marketing yourself, getting to actual painting, the list goes on. It’s a full time job that requires multiple skill sets. There have been threads going around the ‘Art Side’ about how to set your hourly rate to meet your realistic financial needs. You can read one of those threads here; started by Becca Hallstedt.

My new hourly rate will be $50.

How will that impact my card alter commission prices?

Bluntly, they will go up.

Border extensions take me about an hour to do. There are some that will take more, some a little less. But at the end of the day the time I gain or lose would even out. I am comfortable with setting a flat rate for them.

Most other alters will be on a card to card basis. Textless alters can take me anywhere from 3 hrs to like 9 if it’s a really intricate art. There is more perspective work as well. The time difference between different types of textless alters varies so much that I don’t break even the same way as borderless. I’ve added contact forms to all of the listing that will not have a flat rate.

For example Karakas is not going to take me nearly as long as City of traitors. So it wouldn’t be fair to me or the clients if the cost the same price.

When the contact form for quotes is filled out, it will automatically send me an email. I will respond with the quote for your specific commission. If you have questions or idea you can use the contact form or you can just email me at These commission will be paid via PayPal invoice.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns you can voice them here or contact me privately. Thank you all ever so much for your support in me and my art. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

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