SCG Pittsburgh playmat

So at SCG Pitt I forgot to bring the playmat that I usually work on. Instead of buying a new one, I just grabbed one of mine to use. I’ve been wanting to do more charity donations with my art. So this will be my first stab at raising funds.

This playmat will be up for auction on my Facebook page. The auction will last until Friday July 5th. All of the profits from it will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Legal access to women’s healthcare is a very important and personal right that is currently under attack.

From the Day 1 view point you can see that I was working with mostly blue colors. This is from the foil Cryptic Commands that I did on site. The area above the HB is from when I open my paints and them it gets on my fingers. Wiping paint off myself is at least 10% of what I do. The date and my signature is also from the view as I think it would be the way that most people would play with the mat if they so choose.

On the Day 2 side there was a bit more sketching going on. In the ‘studio’ that is a depiction of that sweet Swivel cellphone from from way back in the day. There was a girl who didn’t know what T9 was, because her first phone was an iPhone 4. So then some the other people and myself started to talk about cool phones from growing up. Next on the right side of the mat you can see my 30 second sketch of a horse. He is a bit long in the back but with no reference, not too bad!

I will be doing more auctions for charity in the future as well. If you have an idea you think would do well let me know! I can’t guarantee that I can/will do it, but I would love ideas.

*Profit = Raised funds – (matt cost ($10) + shipping)

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