Solid Color Key Caps


Hand crafted custom key caps! Personalize your work area.

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Each keycap is handcrafted with resin. The solid color caps can come in any color and have glitter additions.

Please refer to the chart to decide which key type you want.
Letter key = All letter and number keys
Action key = Tab, Caps, Shift, CTRL, Windows, ALT, Enter, Backspace
Space bar = Is the space bar

Please indicate in the note during checkout which key you are getting because they do have different face angles. A ‘Q’ key will be shaped different than the ‘B’ key.

Please indicate in the note during checkout what colors and/or glitter additions you would like.

  • Colors
    • Any
    • Really Any color you want! Just let me know.
  • Glitter add ins
    • Solid fine glitter
      • Any “normal” color
      • If I don’t have it I’ll let you know
    • Specific Shapes
      • Gold: Stars, Hearts, Leaves
      • Silver: Hearts, Stars
      • Purple: Hearts
      • Pink: Hearts, Leaves
      • White: Stars
      • Red: Leaves
      • Light Blue: Stars
      • Dark Blue: Leaves

Additional information

Key Size

Letter key, Action Keys, Spacebar


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