Workflow update

I have been learning how to constantly change how my days go all the time as Nora grows and needs different things. I used be guaranteed a solid 2.5 hr nap at least twice a day and her being content in the evenings when James comes home. That is no longer the case. Naps are ranging from 30 min to 3 hrs with no signs of how long they’ll be before she goes down.

During the week I’ll be working on personal work, mostly because if I have to stop in the middle it’s not as big of a deal. I don’t mind remixing paint on my own work. I’ll also be working on digital work because there is no paint to dry!

Commission work will be done on evenings that she feels like playing contently and on the weekend. I’ll still be able to get the 5-6 cards done a week that my previous time table quoted. James and Nora have been going out on ‘trips’ to the beach or mall so that I just have the studio to myself so I can turn up my music and just work. It’s nice and I feel less stressed and have been putting out better work this way.

The down side to this plan of attack is the weekends where I’ll be traveling to SCG events. I won’t be able to get as many commissions done at home that week. I don’t go to as many event as I used to, and usually the week before an event was spent working on stock. So this also shouldn’t change the output.

As always if you have any questions you can message me on a form of social media.

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