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Commander Mystery Packs

Partnered with Commander Sealed 2024 I am fundraising for The Trevor Project! I'm not just asking you to donate money for nothing though! These Commander Packs are what you get for giving! $50 from each [$60] sale will be directly donated. If these are already sold out or you'd like to directly donate yourself you can do that right here!

Each pack will include

1 Altered Legenday Creature or Planeswalker
1 Foil
1 Rare or Mythic
3 Uncommons
4 Commons

Made for Nerds, by Nerds

Card Alterations

Cool Merch

3D Printed Items

Welcome to Hurley Burley Studio! 

Lindsay here, a Delaware-based artist and total MTG fanatic.

I'm not just slinging spells in my basement (although that's pretty fun too!), I'm also the first alterist to hit the road with Star City Games!  That's right, I bring the art party wherever I go, creating epic alterations and restorations to make your favorite cards truly legendary.

Want proof? My portfolio boasts hundreds of mind-blowing art pieces I've cranked out over the last decade. Check it out and let's unleash your inner artist on your next deck!